What would Fr. McNabb do?

They say there’s no such thing as problems, only opportunities. When Peter was made redundant it seemed like a wonderful opening up of opportunities. The less you have, the more potential there is. Thoughts have circulated around how to make a living, how to keep sane, live frugally and continue volunteer work. We have a great garden – lots of potential. I’m reading lots of back issues of Earth Garden and Grass Roots from the local library. There are a few current opportunities in volunteer web design at the moment that might help in the long run. Peter is still drawing.

Distributism seems more and more relevant in the current economic climate.  The idea of making as much as you can and consuming as little as you need rings true.  The hazards of living off borrowing and lending are very visible right now.  The question is, how to apply these ideas to our family’s situation in the here and now?

Ideas to date:

  • web design
  • homeschool resources – in pdf or printed and posted
  • self-sufficiency – wouldn’t hurt to move in this direction regardless
  • marketing handcrafts – knitting, weaving, sewing or project kits.
  • tutoring
  • linux consulting – setting up 2nd hand computers

Of all these ideas, web design seems most normal.  I have the technical background, Peter has the arts/design background.  It just seems impossible to carve out the time to put in to anything while homeschooling four and maintaining a supply of homecooked gluten free, dairy free, low food chemical food, not to mention ordinary house work.

Tomorrow is the feast of the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  And also the thirtieth anniversary of my baptism.


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