Library reading

The highlight of any shopping trip for me is the local library.  Filling up a pram for free and being able to bring it all back, no questions asked, who could ask for anything more?

This week I am dipping into Dr. Claire Weekes book about helping your nerves. It has a great way of describing nervous illness as just fear of the symptoms of nervous fatigue. Letting go of that fear seems the first step to recovery. Of course, easier said than done. She splits up nervous fatigue into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual occuring in that order. Great reading all these things been through in some degree and lived to tell about – or rather try to forget about.

Also reading one on How to Heal a guide for caregivers. Great reading – most advice is really obvious when you think about it, but great stuff to refresh you and keep you going. Healing is one of those things I keep coming back to. Generally you can’t force it, but there are hundreds of ways to impede it. Kinda correspends to the truth that all grace comes from God. Most efficient way is to rely on the Holy Ghost.

Last book is The Truth About Stress which claims the whole concept is flawed. The terminology is vague and the ham-fisted application of stress management techniques can be downright harmful. The author is clarifying the physiological conditions that get broadly called “stress” and talking about how each works. Again, very interesting stuff.

So what’s all this reading in aid of? All this theory on emotional health? I wasn’t aiming for being a mother in my choice of training. Electrical Engineering doesn’t cover this stuff. I don’t think it comes into the HSC syllabus either. The closest I got was memorising Shakespeare: “Give sorrow words, the grief that does not speak whispers the o’er fraught heart and bids it break”. But knowing how human beings function is essential for motherhood. I guess in days gone by I would have grown up with a feeling for coping with life. Somewhere along the line this healthy patrimony was exterminated, so now I read books with long words.


One thought on “Library reading

  1. That post was started a while ago, but still stands. Everything I’ve read since seems to back this up. Physical fatigue wipes you out – story in a Paul Glynn book about a Priest on the Thai-Burma Railroad almost lost it.

    Too late to go into details, but one snippet:
    Three things you have to say to stay human:
    I’m wrong,
    I’m sorry,
    I want to make amends

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