How to guide for hymnbook

One thing lacking in my hymnbook “A New Book of Old Hymns” was some explanation for people not enjoying immersion in chant.  Most people take one look, say “great, but I can’t read that” and go no further.  Two solutions spring to mind –

  1. a great tutorial in the hymnbook or
  2. a CD/DVD with audio/visual demonstration

No. 1 looks easier right now.  It would be great if the local Schola could do the 2nd for me, but that doesn’t look likely.

I did make CDs of the free recordings from the Benedictine Monastery in Sao Paolo Brazil.  One person has found that helpful.  I have links to the mp3s on the webpage for the hymnbook

Anyway, here is the howto via scribd. feedback most appreciated.


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