Fonts, fonts, fonts

Donald Knuth’s book Metafont begins with a warning that fonts can take over your life. There is a really bad pun too, but I do not consider it expedient to dig up the book to share it here with you.

Recently I have rediscovered MyFonts. Here you can browse fonts and learn about the designers, the foundries, the history, the creativity, just about everything about fonts. There are even some free fonts.

I am an inveterate cheap skate. One day when I make money out of publishing I will consider buying fonts. Until then I get by with the free offerings to be found online.

A little known treasure trove of fonts is typOasis where I first came across Paul Lloyd fonts. He lives just across the continent from me, and now keeps up a blog at Greater Albion Type Foundry and sells fonts through MyFonts.

Another favourite designer comes from Germany. Pia Frauss has some spectacular medieval fonts plus great notes on the sources. Her fonts are free for personal use.

From Estonia comes New Renaissance fonts. David Kettlewell has a package of 25 fonts from a while ago to download for free. Unfortunately they don’t work so well. It looks like you need to purchase his fonts from MyFonts to get usable fonts. But the website looks great.

Manfred Klein is also featured ontypOasis. His Fonteria has hundreds of fonts, not very easy to browse, but so many!

Last there’s another gem from typOasis. Dieter Steffman with a great variety of fonts that seem to be all in good working order.


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