Hymnbooks online!

Which is your favourite? The painstakingly correct Westminster Hymnal? The St Basil Hymnal? The Australian mainstay of parish choirs the St Pius X Hymnal?

They are all available online!

Firstly the national Library of Australia has the Pius X Hymnal in melody edition and accompaniment.

Next the Internet Archive has the Westminster Hymnal and the St Basil for viewing online or downloading.

There are also other great resources out there such as Fr Edward Caswell’s Lyra Catholica, another compendium of Fr. Faber’s hymns and the works of Cardinal Newman.

No longer need we wade through photocopies of yellowed manuscripts. Its all there in black and white ready to print at will! Its all out of copyright!

So, we have the words, we have the music. Now we need the choirs to breathe life into these treasures, publishers to make them available again.

There is one caveat. The music of James McAuley is still under copyright. I think the translations by Fr. Ronald Knox are also copyright, making the reproduction of the Living Parish Hymnbook more difficult. But we have heaps to work with already.


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