Bathroom renovations

PeterThis is Peter, my husband. This is a little about the amazing single handed bathroom renovation he accomplished a month or so ago. It would be great to have a ‘before’ shot to put in, but it was not a particularly photogenic room and as with all the many renovations of Peter, we forgot until it looked like this (see right).The broken concrete where the bath used to be.

The original bathroom had an overhead water tank and a square shower recess. Previous owners had put a bath in over the shower. Leaks had made the cavity under the bath a wonderful place to turn the wooden wall frames into compost. The rainy weather would bring slugs sliding through the cracks in the tiles. We knew it would be pretty horrible in there, but the mess was still very impressive. Again, we didn’t take photos of the crumbling beams or the piles of rich brown humus collecting in the wall cavity.

floor plan before the workfloor plan after the workHere is a rough before and after floor plan. A new bigger window, the bath and toilet relocated, a new sink big enough to actually fit hands in, taking out an old cupboard that kept getting splashed and new tiles. Plus a potted fern installed.

Each stage was planned for minimal disruption to our usual ablutionary activities. An earlier plan had the four boys and I spending a week on holidays while Peter worked on the bathroom. The holiday plan was taking too long, so we worked around the temporary inconveniences with sheets of plastic and gaffer tape.

The concrete going in So here I leave without a photo of the finished bathroom. I will fix that when the sunlight, camera and me happen to be in the bathroom at the same time.

Pretty well finished bathroom
Updated 10/8/10 – finished photo as promised.


One thought on “Bathroom renovations

  1. You guys are very cleaver. Not an easy job when you are still trying to use the facilities.
    We know a bit about doing that sort of thing. John renovated our rental property about five years (or maybe more now)ago. It helped us to get this decent house; we sold two older dilapidated houses, but one nearly completely renovated. He did a good job, but it took us three years to finish to the point where we could sell.
    I am looking forward to the FINISHED photo. 🙂

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