Homeschooling plans 2011

So far we have CLAA courses in Catechism, Grammar and Arithmetic, learning to play the organ (swapped our piano for an organ and missing having a piano, but don’t have room for both, and I don’t have to keep fixing the little leather tags on the piano’s hammer mechanism), learning to type with KTouch, monthly Providence classes with Spanish this year, vegie patch biology, kitchen chemistry, bicycle riding physics, an old Dick Smith electronics book the boys want to work through, ambitions to publish underground comic books and things like that.

It is heaps, more than we have done before, but I still get the old, are we covering everything jitters – especially with a Board of Studies visit coming up. The more I stress the worse the day goes. After the visit I’ll feel more free to go with the flow.

Having a more regular prayer time is huge. Having time to have a psalm and a saint’s life is brilliant and brings up more food for discussions.

Still there’s the curiousity about what the future may bring. And that is what we do not know. We have the sure hope that God has things sorted out. All we do is set a course based on what we know now. Having the CLAA is great – even though much is still a work in progress there, the direction looks right – perhaps perpendicular to the prevailing theories of education, but that’s no bad thing.

That gives a vague idea of our plans for 2011. The boys themselves bring new surprises to any plan, but its not hard to keep ahead at the moment. The trick is to get the foundations secure for when their capabilities can outstrip mine – I think that’s it anyway. Or is it more to keep praying?


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