Latin Choir Vocabulary

Latin Choir Vocabulary crossword – tested by Patrick with minimal prompting from Peter.

If that link stops working, here is a local copy.

More work on next week’s Latin Choir group at Providence.

The Mass part for the day is the Kyrie.  The new venue has a CD player so here’s a chance to show off some audio.  Since Kyrie is Greek maybe listening to some Greek Orthodox chant would be good for a change.  Looking for samples on the internet is interesting because they’re all in Έλληνας – or something like that. Googling Κύριε ελέησον brought up – a great website with lots of audio, even some in Latin. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m listening to, but I’ve got an example of something like the Prayers of the Faithful chanted in English with a deep sonorous polyphonic Kyrie Eleison chorus.

This next lesson is also the only one for Lent so thinking about what to pick from the wealth of music for this season.


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