Favourite fonts

Just had to write something to got with this beautiful design from Daily Drop Cap.

Fonts have been a preoccupation lately. I’m compiling a hymn book and need to settle on a font so I can get on with the fine tuning to make it look presentable. But finding the ideal font is difficult when you’re using an unusual program like LuaLaTeX. The prepackaged fonts are not bad:

Garamond is a big favourite, but it is incomplete and needs work. Browsing MyFonts there’s a beautiful one called Livory that would look good – but at that price I’d like to be able to try it out first. Getting fonts to work in LaTeX is non trivial. My book has a little greek in it, and it seems the more mundane fonts are the ones for that.

Greater Albion Typefounders is a treasure trove of beautiful fonts. The bonus is it is based in Australia. He specializes more in display fonts than body text, but his Anavio comes close.

So today I’m leaning towards Romande at 11pt with Anavio for the initials. I spent yesterday getting a Versicle and Response pair working using Anavio’s V and R plus a glyph from the Gregorio symbol font. I haven’t tried Venturis yet, but how much time do I want to sink into this?

Also came across an article on liturgical typesetting at Oremus.org.

Update 12/7/11 – Currently running with Calluna at 11pt with Anavio for drop caps.


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