CLAA one year on

The days are long, but the years are short – that about sums it up. The Classical Liberal Arts Academy has been very helpful here. Reading the Family Forum has been a regular wealth of new ideas and food for thought.

The boys are all learning, but all very differently. They are all very capable of amusing themselves with drawing, making paper models, as well as just plain running around like, well, like boys. Getting coursework done takes effort, but you see the benefits, not only in the content they are learning, but the very process of learning. Each new lesson they start again – reading, memorising, doing exercises – and slowly what seemed impossible becomes manageable. Then when a younger brother is struggling with an earlier lesson they can see the process from the outside. Hopefully as this repeats they’ll get the message and be able to tackle these lessons more independently.

And it helps me too. Stability is important for getting anything done – whatever you do. Music is important to me and this perseverance is the thing I have really lacked – you’ve all heard the cop out “I can’t sing/play/dance” – you can, you just need a whole lot of practice. A good teacher helps too. Does anyone know of a good organ teacher in the Blue Mountains/Western Sydney?

With CLAA, I’m on the second last lesson of the Praeceptor course, the three older sons have 4 courses each and the youngest has 3. We’re still in the core courses, but with all these “enrichment courses” available hopefully we’ll be able to take up some of them too. All in good time.

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