Altar boy cassocks and surplices

Today we have two cassocks and surplices in size 8. And you can see the four year old modelling the prototypes. He’s eager to be an altar boy, but we think he should wait.

Things learned:

  • Admiral Gaberdine is a bit heavy. A straight broadcloth sort of fabric seems to work better.
  • Following the instructions in the right order really helps.
  • Getting a little bit of black thread stuck in a french seam in white poly-poplin is frustrating. I left it there as unpicking and resewing may have made it worse.




12 thoughts on “Altar boy cassocks and surplices

  1. Hi Veronica.

    I have been given a McCalls 2079 pattern for cassock and surplice, but unfortunately, the surplice instructions are missing. If you still have this pattern may I ask you for a scan of the surplice construction instructions.

    God bless,


  2. Good evening!

    I’ve noticed that those images have the pattern for a cassrock for a lady……any chanse that you could take pictures of it and send me? I need to make one for my cousin’s ordination and the pattern isen’t sold in our country. Can you please help us?

    1. Sorry, I’m probably very late here, but the pictures of the pattern instructions in the article are probably the best I can do. The pattern pieces themselves are enormous and not easy to photograph – some pieces are already cut and missing parts too – the fun of second hand patterns!

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