Whether to capitalize relative pronouns referring to God?

Note: relative pronouns are “who”, “whom” and “whose”.

For example, some books would write “Lamb of God Who takest away the sins…” or “Our Father Who art in heaven”.

As far as I can tell, it is a matter of style. The Liturgical Press, Collegeville Minnesota has a style guide that puts pronouns referring to God in lowercase except in the case of quoting sources that do otherwise.

My interest comes from my current pet project Draft Traditional Hymnbook and earlier work on the Christus Rex Pilgrim’s Primer back in 2004. So far I have been inconsistent and the time has come to make a stand one way or another. So first I pull out all the books I can lay my hands on (in person or via google books).

Missals/books that DO capitalise relative pronouns referring to God.
Missals/books that DON’T capitalize relative pronouns referring to God.
1868 Sarum missal in English (Thee/Thy) (funnily enough it has “Our Father which art in heaven and Lamb of God that takest…”)
1961 St Joseph’s Daily Missal (but has You/Your)
same as 1966 St Joseph Sunday Missal
1962 Official Handbook of the Legion of Mary (Thee/Thou)
2004 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal, Angelus Press
2008 The Parish Book of Chant CMAA (Thee/Thy)
1815 The Roman Missal (thee/thy)
1848 The Missal for the use of the Laity (thee/thy)
1914 The Roman Missal (R&T Washbourne Ltd.) (also does Thee/Thy)
1959 St Joseph’s Children’s Missal (2000 edition, Neumann Press) (You/Your)
1962 St Andrew’s Daily Missal (You/Your)
2000 Pilgrim Prayers – Official Vatican Prayerbook (you/your)
2007 Daily Missal 1962 Baronius Press (Thee/Thy)
2008 The Order of Mass Michael Sternbeck (you/your)

1958 St John’s Sunday Missal. A G Younes, Melbourne (Australia!) but made in Belgium – “who” in the ordinary, “Who” in the propers
1959 My Catholic Companion, Good Will Publishers – “Who” in the ordinary, “who” in Last Rites and Various Prayers
2002 Sacred Triduum Missal by Neri Publications and Opus Mariae Mediatricis

So what do you think?


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