Gender identity, eeerggghh

I admit, I use facebook and have weird friends who sometimes come up with weird ideas. It’s so easy to click in the comment box and next thing you know you’ve been introduced to a whole new weirdo consequence of shaky first principles.

So, there’s a fairly vulgar marketing jingle which sort of says only “real” women have a menstrual cycle. Which is apparently offensive to men who dress as women and have weird surgery. So it looks like genital surgery, high heels and false eyelashes are more intrinsic to authentic womanhood. That counts me out then.

The new heresy is that gender has nothing to do with your biological make up. All that thing about X and Y chromosomes is old hat. You are whatever gender you want to be.

Then I had it! I’d respond saying I’d be a gay man trapped in a woman’s body! It was etymologically correct taking the older meanings of the words. I’d be able to keep Peter and he might even get to use the “gay” tag to open more doors to his arty side. He was a bit put off by the whole idea, and fair enough.

But, truth is stranger than fiction, and it turns out that there are very serious biological females out there trying to get into the gay man scene. You might think: woman, attracted to men = no problem. Do these people have too much spare time on their hands or what?

So lets aim for getting our society back in harmony with nature rather than fighting tooth and nail against it. Let’s spend more time weeding gardens and planting stuff.

Everyone feels lonely and out of place – it’s human. We are made with a soul that longs for more than material things – even more than friendship can provide. We are wayfarers and pilgrims here. It’s only in trying to serve others that we find real happiness. Virtue is power – not just etymologically.

And you will say, obviously I am Christian and trying to foist my opinions onto other people. Religion is a private affair and has nothing to do with reality, or so they say. I’ll ask, who’s out of touch with reality here?


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