Man! I Feel Like a Woman?

matt fradd

I’d like to thank my colleague, Trent Horn, for the following article which originally featured on

After reading the work of bioethicist Wesley Smith, I came across a group of people that suffers from a condition called body integrity identity disorder (or BIID). The disorder occurs when a person thinks his limbs are not his own and wants the healthy limbs to be amputated.

This clip from Anderson Cooper’s talk show highlights one woman who is able to walk but chooses to use a wheelchair and has asked doctors to sever her spinal cord.

According to her, being a paraplegic is “who she is” and “corrective surgery” would make her truly happy.

You may be tempted to say, “That’s crazy! These people need help!” But be careful lest you be accused of bigotry. After all, with the rise of modern “psychology,” the primary focus in mental health isn’t making…

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