Adventures in Jekyll

It seems a bit odd to be blogging about Jekyll via WordPress, but here goes…

In the beginning I wrote in html. My first webpage was for a UNSW campus club, layed out with tables, scaling pictures to be small and quick to load, cutting and pasting the template for each page. I wish I had kept a screenshot!

When I left uni and married, I made a little family website. I used gtml to do the cutting and pasting to make a coherent site (or try to anyway).

Then everyone seemed to be using WordPress, so I signed up here to see what all the fuss was about, and it looked good, so installed wordpress on top of the old website and never quite got around to moving the old content into the new wineskins, so to speak.

Enter Jekyll.

A blog-aware static site generator. A nice fit between the old static website and the newer bloggy way of doing things.

I was kinda hoping that the structure of the WordPress thing would help get me all organised, but it didn’t work – I could post articles randomly without any real thought about where they should go and it was hard to figure out a way of merging the old style of discrete pages and new content in the posts.

So, now I still have some work to do. The process of turning wordpress posts into jekyll posts is still a bit bumpy. Have a look at to see how it’s going.

And it does look like I will need to do a bit of tidying up around this blog too. It’s times like these that all the work around the house looks so much more attractive. But the webpage work will hold still while I go do all that other homeschool/housework.


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