Ave Maria Bingo

On a high after a blissfully uneventful day of forecast disasters. It doesn’t have to make sense.

But last minute preparation for tomorrow’s Providence class! I’m away from home, so just as well I blogged about the last lot!

Last time I did the Litany of Our Lady. This time keeping it simpler with words from the Ave Maria:

Ave, Maria, gratia, plena, Dominus, tecum, benedicta, fructus, ventris, tui, sancta, Mater, Dei, ora pro nobis, peccatoribus, nunc, hora mortis nostrae, in mulieribus

I’ve put up the flashcards at Quizlet and going to make up more Bingo Cards. 3×3 for the littler class. Not sure which way to go for the middle class. I would like to stay with the original Litany Bingo idea for the older class, but maybe 4×4 cards?

( And just typed up a new chant bit for the older class: dapacempsalm116 )


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