Along the way to a cassock pattern


The most popular posts on this blog are about cassock patterns. There is still no downloadable roman cassock pattern available on the internet.

The closest I can find are:

  • This list of patterns from the “Liberal Catholic Church” including amice, alb and surplices
  • This list from Everything Vestments – an anglican style cassock and some surplices

So, I hereby declare my intention to draw up my patterns into downloadable pdfs and maybe even … sell them!

Unless someone beats me to it. Which would be a good thing.

The race is on!

PS: anyone interested in beta-testing my designs and egging me on, please get in touch.


2 thoughts on “Along the way to a cassock pattern

  1. Well, if you ever do get them up (or still need testers) I’d be thrilled! I have two boys serving in church, and one more who’d love to but the church doesn’t have a cassock small enough for him. He’s a size 6. I can handle making surplices, but I can’t find a cassock pattern anywhere for him.

    1. Thanks Kira,
      I was thinking about this again last night. It would be simpler to make a pattern that you can enlarge yourself, rather than having to print out dozens of pages and tape them together. Do you think that would work?

      I have a graph paper cutting board for doing things like that, but most online patterns are the print and tape together sort.

      Also, a friend made a workable cassock by extending a shirt pattern. She found she underestimated the width and length in the skirt part. If you cut generously, it’s easier to take it up later rather than sew in extra material.

      Thanks for volunteering!

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