Silly hats

IMG_20140726_121521UPDATE: Silly Hat now on Etsy!

Now, first up you may think I’m procrastinating, when I should be working on the cassock pattern. And you are probably right. But at least it brought me back here to remind me of the cassock pattern plan.

This top hat is one just finished. The general pattern was double knitting acrylic yarn, 5.5mm needles, cast on 91sts in the round, 1st round K, then k2 p2 rib for 3 rounds (except the last k2 p1, which was helpful to keep track of the beginning of the round).

Next 2 rounds K
Change to fluffy woolly rainbow pom pom yarn and P one round.
Change back to main yarn and P one round
K 3 rounds
Change to fwrpp yarn and K one round to see if it turns out much different.
Back to main yarn and K 3 rounds
fwrpp yarn and P one round
Back to main yarn and P one round
Then K for as long as you can.

Until you think of adding pointy crown things.

Then K7, turn, slip 1, P6, turn,
sl 1 K5, turn, sl1 P5, turn,
sl1 K4, turn, sl1 P3, turn,
sl1 K2, turn, sl1 P1, turn, (pause to admire triangular shape.)
K2, turn, sl1 P2, turn,
(I know this doesn’t seem to follow the pattern, but after 13 variations it seems like the best way)
sl1 K3, turn, sl1 P4, turn,
sl1 K5, turn, sl1 P6, (yay! you’re almost there,) turn
sl1 K7.

Then repeat for each point.

Then K 1 round and puzzle over the yawning gaps in the sides of each point.

Then carefully pick up the back of a purl st and Ktogether for a round.

Then k1 round,

Then fudge the number of sts to get 88, and begin decreasing at 8 points on alternate rounds.

Then when you get down to K2tog x 8, break and tie tightly.

Da dah!

IMG_20140726_121551Now, here is a much simpler hat. Have I mentioned that I tend to lose hats faster than I can make them? And I have a big head, so the commercially available el cheapo beanies are uncomfortably tight, so there is a reason for knitting hats a little more frequently than reasonable.

This hat is just cast on lots of stitches, K lots of rounds, decrease at 8 points on alternate rounds, till you get down to K2tog x 8, then K2tog x 4, then i-cord for as long as you think appropriate.

It’s something like the Cuddly Thurible I made so long ago.

Another mad plan is to make a better thurible pattern too.

IMG_20140726_121610Making knitting patterns is so much easier than making sewing patterns!

Although to do a serious job requires a bit more work than my scrappy notes here, I’ll admit.

And I did get a little way towards making a pdf pattern for a cassock – a day spent wondering why the scaling was off on my print outs till I found I had ticked the cm box and the program was still using the dimensions for inches.

Also, how about a knitted biretta beanie?


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