Trip into the city by train with Opal.

I have five children. Our local train service has a family fare where parents pay for one child and the rest travel free. But this is now being phased out with the new Opal system.

It used to cost about $17.90 17.70 for me to take my children into Sydney. The new Opal system will raise that to $45 33.98

That’s a 251 191% increase.

The petrol for such a trip is about $20.

I like public transport, but maybe the Opal fare system needs some work before it is imposed.

UPDATE: I’m not the first to stumble across this.  Jani Patokallio wrote a page called Opal or not which describes this issue in its github repository.

Slightly more detailed working: 
Train trip, Woodford to Homebush return,
old paper tickets: family fare for 1 adult and four children = one adult and one child off peak return $11.80 + $5.90 = 17.70
Opal system = 1 adult off peak $5.67 each way, 4 children $2.83.
5.67*2 + 2.83 * 8 = 33.98


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