A New Book of Old Hymns

It’s out! The Fourth Edition! With my own sketch of Pope Francis!

I’ve ordered a batch of a5 postcards to use as covers for a run of comb bound copies to use at Providence.  Maybe it would have been better to order properly printed copies, but there you go.  This predilection for doing everything myself is what got me into this mess.

I’ve decided to hold onto the pdf version for now.  The pdf of the 3rd edition is easily available, and it is much the same.

It is a very handy book for anyone with a soft spot for Gregorian chant.  Stuck for the words to Veni Creator? Inspired to break out into the Te Deum? This book gives you the words and music as well as English translation for your bemused onlookers.

There are some very enjoyable pieces here, such as the pilgrimage carol Stella Splendens and the Christmas carol Gaudete!

There are seven rounds which make great training for polyphony.

The hymn to St Francis – Corda Pia – is one of the less common ones.  It is sung at Assisi but not many other places.

The full Dies Irae is in here too – a great classic which has lent its sonorous opening melody to many classics from symphonies to science fiction.

There is some practical stuff, like the Missa Orbis Factor and Credo 1. Also the four Marian Antiphons (simple Roman tone).

All this for $12 – with different discounts depending on where you go.

Lulu has its Talk Like A Pirate Day coupon from last Friday to Monday 22 September.  Enter MATEY25 for 25% off your order.  Go see what you would like.

Of course if you would like to go with the megalomaniac giant of the publishing world, with their 10% discount, there’s this:



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