Cuddly thuribles

Taking kids to Mass is a big endeavour.  Each Sunday I renew my intention to train the boys during the week. I find lots of little ideas to help along the way.

One such idea was the cuddly thurible. It began as a crocheted  ball on four strings joined into a loop for little fingers to hold.

Recently I revisited the idea with a knitted version with an openwork lid and little charcoal briquettes inside.


Another variation was a furry ball. It knit up quickly in chenille yarn.


So I blogged about it over at Corpus Christi Watershed and managed to sell a few on Etsy, but still couldn’t settle on a pattern I was happy with.

More recently I returned to crochet, but it really needs some way of making a padded sort of bowl shape so it can hold its shape yet still open and shut.

The stiffened rims of doily frisbees seem something like what I want.

One of these days I’ll get it.


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