A mum and a dad


For all the talk about marriage equality, there’s precious little actual debate – like rational type discussion – pros and cons, what is marriage really for, what makes marriage different to friendship, is marriage always superior to friendship, why does the distinguishing feature which sets marriage apart from regular relationships require special regulation, would consanguinity laws apply where there is no chance of procreation.

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. It has a certain level of prestige as it is one of the more challenging courses of study. The feeling I get about so-called “marriage equality” is something akin to how I might feel if someone were to redefine Electrical Engineering as being generally good with computers and gadgets – saying all those Karnaugh Maps and Smith Charts are old hat and we’ve moved on now. No one really understands Laplace equations and Fourier Transforms anyway. And ditch all that lab work with hazardous tools like optical fibres and high voltage variacs. We can leave all that stuff to computer simulations.

I got married in 2000 and it has been an amazing rollercoaster which I sometimes wonder if I would ever have embarked on had I known what lay ahead. To redefine the vows we made to hand over our lives, our very bodies, to raise up a new generation, to recast that as merely a social stamp of approval of sexual gratification makes the last decade and a half of my life look stupid.

The mainstream currents have pushed society so far that I bet most people I know would need to really slow down to see my point of view here.

There is an Ina May Gaskin quote that says “If a woman doesn’t look like a goddess in labor then someone isn’t treating her right.” Now keep that in mind next time a story about surrogacy comes up.

If we are said to have an open debate then ideas like this need to be aired without cries of “fear-mongering” and the most ridiculous epithet of all “homophobia”. These calls effectively silence one side of the debate. Intelligent people are not hearing the reasons against redefining marriage as they have been conditioned to react strongly to so-called “homophobia”, equating it with racism. Hopefully more intelligent people will reconsider that assumption and at least attempt to see both sides of the issue.

If anyone wants to borrow my copy of The Revenge of Conscience, it needs to get more exercise.


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