Installing gregorio in Debian Jessie

Thought I’d jot down some notes here for future reference.

Need to install all the pkgs mentioned on the official gregorio page, plus:

texlive-xetex – not sure if this one is required

There has been more development on gregorio through github. There are changes. It may sound attractive to use the latest and greatest, but if you need a booklet done by tomorrow it might be a good idea to go with the stable version.

Although the new version takes out a step and runs gregorio on your gabc files for you! and saves the output with a gtex extension instead of clobbering all your tex files.

Also to do that you need to enable shell escape things with
lualatex –shell-escape yourfile.tex
or there is a way to make that the default, I think by editing a texmf.cnf file. But I can’t find a texmf.cnf file, though there is a texmf.cnf.d directory…

Next to find out how to drop back to the stable version.

cd into your gregorio-git directory
git stash save –keep-index
git stash drop
git checkout v2.4.2

now run the install instructions again 🙂

but then it comes into conflict as the newer version of gregorio flags all the generated files as requiring the newer version of gregoriotex and you still have the older version.  So you can

sudo make uninstall

sudo mv /usr/bin/gregorio /tmp/gregorio.bak

and try again – or… go and download the tarball from the releases page and try installing from that, see if that works any better – sometimes I don’t make sense even to myself.Once you unpack the tarball there are default directions to configure, make, make install, but these don’t work because you need to autoreconf -f -i first.While doing that I saw a debian directory, so thought why not try the Debian way.

sudo apt-get install dh-autoreconf xsltproc

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -d -b


cd ..

sudo dpkg -i gregorio*deb

I think I’m on the right track now!  I have run lualatex –shell-escapes myfile.tex and made a pdf!

There are a few texmf.cnf s in my computer.  I found the one mentioning shell escapes and copied that bit into a new file: /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf.d/11gregorio.cnf  adding gregorio to the list.

Now I can run lualatex again like I used to!


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