Latin learning

I’m homeschooling four boys aged 9-14. Today is the last day of Term 2, so a chance to review and plan and hope and hunt around for Latin texts.

Bouncing around the internet I found these two by E. A. Sonnenschein:

I’ll save the links here to remind me to see how they went. Right now the first book is rolling off our printer.

I still refer back to Catholic’s Latin Instructor by Fr Caswall from time to time, but looking for something more grabby and a bit more systematic.

Plus, Evan van der Miller has made a recording of the story:

An endorsement from the adverts at the end of the book:

Ora Maritima does for Latin what the modern oral methods do for French and German, i.e., it makes the beginner realize that the language is really a vehicle o expression, whereby commonsense notions can be conveyed. From personal experience I can testify how a few weeks are sufficient to gain this all-important idea; and it is worth adding that in a school which I have recently inspected a small boy of eleven employed his leisure time in working through Ora Maritima to the end and then came to his master for the sequel, Pro Patria. There was no need to tell that boy that Latin is something more than a phalanx of declinable nouns and verbs.—Alfred Hughes, M.A., Organising Professor of Education in the University of Birmingham.

Hopefully I’ll be able to let you know how it goes soon!


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