Free Nativity Scene Patterns

Lots of goodies once you look outside the Anglophone internet!
La Torre di Cotone started a Nativity Scene in crochet in 2013 and continued in 2014 and 2015. The original set is available here. In the following years the basic shapes were simplified so the people are different but the animals are the same.

This Post has a list of 2015 patterns

THis Post introduces the 2014 patterns (Presepe II)

It is a bit of a nightmare to navigate, but there are heaps of patterns here. As well as your basic Holy Family, Angel, Shepherds, Wise Men, Ox and Ass (Buey e Asinello), Camels, Sheep, you can also have a butcher, a baker, a fisherman, chickens, flower sellers, pipers and probably lots more!

Tejiendo Peru has a beautiful San Jose and Virgen Maria y Nino Jesus. I think this one is the cutest.

The Cookie Snob has a cute set of variations on another basic doll pattern for to make people for a Nativity Scene. See her cute little dolls here.

Lalalatoys and DMC banded together to make this nativity set in a beautifully formatted pdf with crochet charts.

Mis Pequi Cosas has 3 kings, shepherd and holy Family amongst her patterns

Lanas y Ovillos has a Holy Family and an ox and ass and 3 wise men and little sheep – you could probably adapt Joseph to make a shepherd or two.

To sum up:

source Mary, Joseph, Jesus Ox and Ass Angel Sheep/Shepherds Magi/Camels
La Torre di Cotone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tejiendo Yes no no no no
Lalalatoys DMC yes yes no no no
Cookie snob yes no yes just shepherd just 3 magi
Mis Pequi Cosas yes no no just shepherd just 3 magi
Lanas y Ovillos yes yes no just sheep just 3 magi

Free Latin Readers and Grammars and Texts

Maybe if I keep a list here, I can keep adding – maybe not the easiest format to maintain, but until I figure out a clever way via github jekyll page collections…

A List from 2007 from the textkit forum – all with answer keys, but not all available outside North America – though often searching the Internet Archive turns up identical copies available to download.

Latin for Beginners by Benjamin D’Ooge also scanned copy at (436p) 1911 with a community made Answer Key from Textkit. 79 lessons

Elements of Latin 1921 by Benjamin D’Ooge (470p) with Key (70p) – something of a rewrite, taking best bits of Beginners and starting over again. There are 56 lessons in the first “half-year” and the second “half-year” takes the total up to 110 with two optional lessons after that.

Easy Latin for sight reading for secondary schools another D’Ooge book, (174p) 1921. Selections from Ritchie’s Fabulae faciles, Lhomond’s Urbis Romae viri inlustres, and Gellius’ Noctes atticae. Short readings with questions following.

Jacob’s Latin Reader – 1833 – starts with simple sentences featuring elephants. pp277

A first Latin reader: with exercises by Herbert Chester Nutting – first section on Early American History, then Tales of Land and Sea, then stories from Caesar. 1913, pp493

Introductory Latin grammar and first Latin reader [microform] by Hagarty, E. W. (Edward William), 1862-1943 – regular Latin text-book, Nominative, Genitive order of declensions. 1906, pp462

Henry’s First Latin Book 1839 (133p) with Key 1879 (127p) – quite different – launching in with all 5 declensions side by side and three tenses.

A Practical Grammar of the Latin Language by G J Adler (737p) 1858 with Key (163p). A more conversational approach – very highly recommended by Evan der Miller of

Latin learning

I’m homeschooling four boys aged 9-14. Today is the last day of Term 2, so a chance to review and plan and hope and hunt around for Latin texts.

Bouncing around the internet I found these two by E. A. Sonnenschein:

I’ll save the links here to remind me to see how they went. Right now the first book is rolling off our printer.

I still refer back to Catholic’s Latin Instructor by Fr Caswall from time to time, but looking for something more grabby and a bit more systematic.

Plus, Evan van der Miller has made a recording of the story:

An endorsement from the adverts at the end of the book:

Ora Maritima does for Latin what the modern oral methods do for French and German, i.e., it makes the beginner realize that the language is really a vehicle o expression, whereby commonsense notions can be conveyed. From personal experience I can testify how a few weeks are sufficient to gain this all-important idea; and it is worth adding that in a school which I have recently inspected a small boy of eleven employed his leisure time in working through Ora Maritima to the end and then came to his master for the sequel, Pro Patria. There was no need to tell that boy that Latin is something more than a phalanx of declinable nouns and verbs.—Alfred Hughes, M.A., Organising Professor of Education in the University of Birmingham.

Hopefully I’ll be able to let you know how it goes soon!

Print Etsy Inventory


Print Etsy Inventory

Etsy does do some things well, but they leave the door wide open for third party helpers like

Maybe this is strategic and wise, but downright frustrating when you want a printout of your 250 active listings quickly rather than printing each page of the listings manager – which handily gives one listing on each page, unless you’d like to do a screen capture…

So, a day spent hacking away at different Javascript solutions I found a good starting point with JQuery-csv and now I have my own Print Etsy Inventory tool ready for next time!

Now, to get back to working on