Artist’s wife


Bjork in pastel on fabric

My husband is Peter Brandt. He draws portraits. He can also test and tag electrical equipment, fix just about anything and hire you a trailer.

These holidays much of my time has been spent cataloging his work. I have 789 records in an online database right now and I just figured out I’m missing two categories worth of contents. I’m looking at all these pieces and thinking, this is madness! Surely there is more than enough already drawn. Why draw more? How are we possibly going to find homes for all these drawings?

So I look at art marketing blogs and find all this stuff about what we should be doing, much of it from the perspective of the artist. But what about the artist’s wife?

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch in pastel on fabric

How can I find the story behind all these multitudinous pieces and present them in some way that will be appealing? How can I find a way of oiling the wheels of commerce while educating four boys and keeping a little girl out of the mud? And why didn’t anyone tell me that girls like mud just as much as boys?

So far I have Xataface to help me put together the database. If I’m going to use info out of there to make a web gallery I guess I’m going to need a crash course in php. Or I could cave in and pay for a pre-made art cataloging system like Artwork Archive or Artsala. The $79 or even $200 per year is looking more and more attractive.

But I have a degree in Electrical Engineering! I should be able to write it myself! but I also have five children, plus I’ve volunteered to teach 16 lessons on Gregorian chant this year, and there’s that local Australian Breastfeeding Association group that I’m supposed to be looking after. Maybe I can’t do it all.

But if I do figure it out, maybe I can show other people how to do it too, and get famous, and everyone will buy all the drawings piling up in the studio, and we’ll all live happily ever after.

And there’s Mr Cumberbatch up there saying “seriously?”

Maria Lactans

Other mums have been posting about the amazing wealth of devotional art and prayer about Mary breastfeeding. But it still not widely known, so here is yet another mother blogging. The photo on the left is Our Lady of La Leche from a shrine in the US.

This article about Maria Lactans has lots more photos – no thumbnails to browse by, unforunately.

There is a collection of photos on Facebook under the name of Historical Photos & Prints of Breastfeeding

There is even a German Wikipedia article.

Of course there had to be a Flickr Virgo Lactans group.