Finally got around to finishing off a multiplication course.  For helping my sons learn their times tables.  It’s open.   It’s free.  Go check it out.

I wrote this, so any glitches, please let me know.


Classical Liberal Arts Academy

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy was started in 2008 by a classical academic turned teacher with a young family of his own. It claims to be the only school providing a real classical liberal arts education. It is definitely unique. For those not familiar with the concept of liberal arts, here’s a brief run-down. There’s… Continue reading Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Children’s Catholic history on the cheap

Protestants are so lucky! There is so much traditional protestant homeschooling material available. Much of it free to download. Browse Project Gutenberg and you will find a wealth of children’s bible stories and moral tales from a nineteenth century Church of England perspective. There is Ambleside Online providing a whole Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum for… Continue reading Children’s Catholic history on the cheap