Two needle doily

Two needle doily in brownKnitted doilies are fairly unusual items. Most handmade doilies you see are crocheted. The difference between knitting and crochet is often cast aside as irrelevant. The basic observation is that someone took an awful long time to make a tiddly little circle for putting under a vase.

The fine details of making things are worth considering. Knitting is generally floppier and finer than crochet. These properties are valuable in lace head coverings. That’s how was drawn into the world of knitted doilies.

Knitted lace is challenging because the results are not clear until you have washed and stretched the piece. Having a graph of the pattern can help you get your head around the pattern. Here I have my handwritten chart I used when knitting the doily. There was not enough room to fit the whole pattern so this is the centre of the doily. The edging I have graphed using XFig’s perplexing knitting symbols. Why are there knitting symbols in amongst the electrical diagram symbols?
graph of the main doily
Graph for the edge of the 2 needle doily