Bananas in Pyjamas

banasI came across the idea over at Laptop on the Ironing Board.  She doesn’t give her pattern, but the basic idea is good – work the stripes flat, make into a tube, crochet around the edges, make a banana head and embroider a face.

Here is my attempt at a pattern based on two experimental models.  I use English/Australian terminology so Americans might like to substitute single crochet when I say dc and color when I say colour.

Chain 10 sts in white.  dc into second ch from the hook and continue for the rest of the row.

Change to blue.  Chain 1, dc into second ch from the hook and dc for the rest of the row, then work another row the same.

Change back to white and work another stripe the same.

Keep going until you have four stripes in each colour (or eight stripes altogether) then fasten off.

Oversew the ends together with white yarn.  This sewing can really blend in if you work little diagonal stitches in one direction then go back making them into little “v” shapes.

One edge will look neat and the other a bit messy with the colour changes.  Crochet over the messy end with white to make a collar.

To make the collar look more collar-ish I started the head in yellow by picking up 14 sts along the inside of the collar stitches.  It was fiddly and I ended up crocheting the head sort of inside out, but the collar part looks better.

Then work 8 more rounds in dc to make the head.

Decrease by working a decrease then a regular dc alternately until the head is closed then fasten off.

The stalk is next.  Pick up some brown or black yarn.  Pull a little loop through the top of the head to start off a chain.  Work about 6 ch, then work a dc in the 2nd ch from the hook and another dc, then three more ch, then more dcs to come back to the top of the head.  Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail for embroidering the face and thread them inside the head to knot.

The eyes are just under halfway up the head, then the smile one bump under the eyes, worked like a fly stitch.  The eye stitch should be doubled to stand out more, but one strand is fine for the mouth.

There you have my take on the Bananas in Pyjamas finger puppets!

banasleft banasright


Cuddly thuribles

Taking kids to Mass is a big endeavour.  Each Sunday I renew my intention to train the boys during the week. I find lots of little ideas to help along the way.

One such idea was the cuddly thurible. It began as a crocheted  ball on four strings joined into a loop for little fingers to hold.

Recently I revisited the idea with a knitted version with an openwork lid and little charcoal briquettes inside.


Another variation was a furry ball. It knit up quickly in chenille yarn.


So I blogged about it over at Corpus Christi Watershed and managed to sell a few on Etsy, but still couldn’t settle on a pattern I was happy with.

More recently I returned to crochet, but it really needs some way of making a padded sort of bowl shape so it can hold its shape yet still open and shut.

The stiffened rims of doily frisbees seem something like what I want.

One of these days I’ll get it.